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  • Made of high quality plastic, Non-toxic and tasteless, non-radioactive environmentally friendly resin non-mineral products. The fine workmanship provides you with a smooth surface without sharp edges
  • No Electricity Required Glow - These luminous garden stones absorb sunlight during the day and light up at night, and they will glows for up to 2-8 hours after normal daylight exposure.
  • Multiple Colors - Vibrant colors, each pack of stones gives you a feast of colorful light in the dark, adding a whimsical ambiance to your garden.
  • Easy and Reusable - Remove the package and put the pebbles under the sun or light,make sure that each pebble absorb light,it will glow in the dark and can be reusable.
  • These glow pebbles are Ideal for fish tanks pebbles, glowing gravel aquarium, ponds, yard, waterscapes, landscape decoration, potted plants, lighting a pathway or driveway, glowing pebbles for garden, crafts, etc.
Specifications: Material: Plastic Quantity: 200 pieces Color: Color Mixing (8-12 Colors) The product itself does not emit light. It requires sunlight or other light sources to store energy and emit light. The longer the irradiation time, the longer the light emission. Respectful of the Environment - No electricity or electricity needed for these stones to shine. They are not only profitable but also protective of the environment. Luminous stone is a light-storing product. The principle is that it can emit light by absorbing the light source. Each time the light is emitted is 2-8 hours, during which the first 1-2 hours is the high light period and continues to glow. The glowing stones for garden can absorb light and glow repeatedly and you can use them for up to 15 years. Have a cooler summer with these glowing stone for outdoor garden. Also Great for fish tank glow in the dark decorations and make your aquarium glow in the dark. 200 pieces of glow stone, line a glowstone path / driveway / walkway,edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique glow gravels, also served as light pebbles for yard. Mainly used to decorate vases, fish tanks, gardening decoration, swimming pool decoration, bar decoration for expressing romance, setting styles, playing games for children, etc. Note: 1. Prohibit children from playing. Keep away from children to avoid choking. 2. They are luminous, not battery powered or plugged in, so they are not as bright as electric lights. 3. The received product did not emit light because there was no absorption light source during the logistics. As long as you get sunlight or light, you can shine again. Package Includes: 200 * Luminous Stones (Mixed Color)

vientiane Luminous Stones 200 pieces Colorful Glowing Pebbles Noctilucent Stones Luminous Cobblestones Gravel for Garden Walkway Yard Grass Aquarium Fish Container Decoration Mixed Color B07FNFGKP8

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